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At Roaming Networks Inc, we are committed to providing a Complete and Evolving telecommunication service needed to help our community work and communicate more efficiently in order to significantly enhance the quality of life overall. We deliver services such as professional consulting, design, implementation, integration, and maintenance in the fields of Radio Communications and Passive Optical Networks. Every service we offer and every job we have done is the result of people working together to make tomorrow’s stronger connections. Every one of us strives towards a common goal — to connect and grow together!

Our Strength
  • 150+
  • 200+
  • 30.000+
    Sites worked
Our mission is to enhance the way the world communicates.
Our Services
We deliver services such as planning, design, installation, implementation and maintenance of radio, microwave and fiber optic access networks, as well as network monitoring and optimization.
Our values are to deliver unrivalled quality and professional service to our clients.
Where We Operate
Who are we?
Who are we?
Rade Vujović
President Roaming Solutions
Nikola Petrović
Chief Executive Officer
Larry Moore Jr
Chief Operating Officer
Miljan Petković
Chief Financial Officer
Wayne Murray
National Director of Market Development
Mihailo Radosavljević
Program Director
Mihael Milićevič
Program Manager
Aleksandar Stojanović
Business Partner
Jelena Dimitrijevski
HR Business Partner
Nikola Miljaković
Project Manager
Vladimir Miletić
Logistics and Procurement Manager
Biljana Vujović
Client Relationship Manager
Anja Jukić
Attorney at law
Ericka Hanselman
Senior Recruiter
Aleksandra Trišić
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Our most important resource is our people. We are productive, creative, and collaborate with a shared vision of tomorrow’s Technology. Let’s Connect!