Kids have to stay kids!

We were a part of the 15th annual CWA Charity Golf Tournament held on the 13th of May 2021!

The aim of this Tournament was to help kids with serious medical conditions enjoy their summer vacation to the fullest 😊

The Victory Junction Camp, with the support of all companies that participated in this Golf Tournament, will host many campers and encourage them to enjoy activities they never imagined possible participating in. Through the activities like zip-lining, archery, bowling, fishing, or swimming, children will build confidence that will change their perspective and encourage them to live their lives to the fullest.

This year, the tournament raised an all-time amount of money- 35 thousand dollars! Because of that, many children will get the opportunity to enjoy their Summer Vacation at no cost to their families.

If just for a moment, we help them forget about their medical condition, we have done a tremendous job!

What an amazing occasion to play golf! 😊



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