Digital General Contractor

Roaming Networks Inc as a Digital General Contractor has the primary goal of creating business excellence. We are working on continuous business improvement and identification of critical processes, which need to be optimized. The aim and strategy of Roaming Networks Inc is to introduce the latest business tools to more easily and efficiently manage sales, finances, projects, all with the aim of complete and efficient project organization, rapid collaboration, information sharing, and competitiveness and quality recognition by customers.


CloseOut is a real-time fieldwork quality management solution for field operations in the telecommunications industry that utilizes photos, videos, and checklists provided by field teams in one easy-to-use platform.

CloseOut enables you to translate your project/construction site requirements into a systematic workflow structure with all necessary information for each fieldwork segment. It enhances online collaboration, allows you to perform quality checks, health and safety compliance checks in real-time, and oversee your operations around the globe from a remote location.

It also enables the automation of quality control processes with AI modules based upon machine learning technology and it saves you a lot of time in creating as-built closeout documentation in one click.



This sophisticated project management software combines intuitive design with the capacity and logistics to allow the complete digitalization of business.

Teodesk aims to provide managers with all the project’s information in real-time, covering all aspects of the project (Finance, documentation, implementation of activities, etc.).

Financial management presents a transparent breakdown of financial data concerning the revenue side of the project.

Adaptable timeline provides a clear overview of every task’s phases and responsibilities, supporting responses to unforeseen challenges that can be vital to the success of a project.


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