A postcard from America

We like to make sure our colleagues are doing great, that is why we are always happy to receive a postcard from them!

We send postcards to our friends, families and teammates to share our excitement of visiting and working in new places. The ‘everything is great’ postcard is always the one our loved ones are happy to receive from us.

Our colleague Marko Durdevic, Foreman in America has sent us a postcard of that kind. We asked Marko a couple of questions, just to make sure he loves his life in America 🙂

Marko Durdevic

 What are the challenges and the advantages of working in America?

It is always a challenge to live and work far away from family and friends. The biggest challenge I face, as well as my colleagues, is certainly the distance from home and the way of life we are used to living. But it is precisely this different way of life in America that is also a great advantage. There is a great cultural diversity represented here, you can hear different languages and get to know different customs and traditions everywhere you go. Every state in America is a story unto itself, from Alaska to Florida, and since we are constantly on wheels, it is an ideal opportunity for us to visit all these states. You can ski one day and be on the beach the next :).

The advantage of working in America is great. America is one of the most technologically advanced countries and provides great opportunities for improvement and introduction to new ways of working with which we can later improve our work in our member companies in other countries.

How does a working day of our team in America differ from a working day in the Balkan countries?

Working conditions are more challenging here, the weather is changeable, and the poles can be up to 200 meters high. However, when we get to the top – the feeling of freedom is unparalleled! Besides that, I wouldn’t say that a working day is different, because in America, as well as when I was working in the Balkans, I work with hard-working colleagues that I can always rely on and with whom I get along very well, which makes the job a lot easier.

Three of America’s most stunning natural beauties, in your opinion?

America is a beautiful country and it is very difficult to single out only three natural beauties, but California is special, every part I have visited is beautiful, the sights, the beaches, and everything that makes social life interesting.

Our stay here is not just a job and it is really nice to have the opportunity to visit different states and cities. Every city I have visited has something special and something I would recommend as worth visiting. I haven’t visited the Grand Canyon yet, but that’s definitely my next destination :).

We love to hear exciting stories and adventures our colleagues experience in the field! Working in the USA has definitely some amazing perks 🙂

If you would like to be a part of our team in the US, apply for the permanent job posts on the link below. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to hear from you!


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