Roaming Networks Inc at the Connect X Conference

Our company took part In Powering Universal Connectivity, by Connect X, the event that brought together professionals and stakeholders from across the industry, who deliver infrastructure solutions for ubiquitous connectivity.

Our company’s representatives, Biljana, Rade, Nikola, Larry, Wayne, Steve and Dejan attended the conference, where they took the opportunity to share experiences with colleagues from the industry on finding new ways to move technology beyond today’s borders.

 During the conference, we also presented CloseOut, a solution for efficient, real-time quality control of work performed in the field, a solution that revolutionizes fieldwork. The mentioned solution was created on the basis of client needs in the field of telecommunications and in line with the latest technological trends, and as such, it improves business and is easy to use.

The CloseOut solution is intended also for other industries that need to control the quality of work performed in the field, such as construction, energy, or utilities.

 Our colleagues were pleased to share their vision and expertise with some of the biggest players in this industry.

 The conference was held in Denver, May 23-26, 2022.

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