Roaming Networks Inc expands its company expertise

By steadily developing and growing, Roaming Netowrks Inc has expanded its footprint to five offices in the U.S., with a team that numbers more than 300 employees.

Our business has grown over years, and so has our portfolio of services.

We provide professional consulting, design, implementation, integration and maintenance services in the fields of Wireless, Fiber and IP Networks.

Proudly, we point out our new expansion in the field of IP Networks with the refreshment within our team. We warmly welcome Geoffrey Bennett, a telecommunications professional with a 30-year record of success in telecommunications providing exemplary customer service in the field of IP Networks deployment.

„Having the opportunity to work with Geoffrey Bennett over the course of last 3 years was extremely rewarding for our whole Team, we were waiting for the right opportunity to join forces and bring our expertise to the next level. This step will enable Roaming Networks family to continue expanding its services in the US market. Geoff has built a reputation as an experienced hands-on leader in the IP Networks space and is a perfect overlay with our current service offering.“, said Nikola Petrovic, CEO of Roaming Networks

We are committed to providing a complete and evolving telecommunication service needed to help our community work and communicate more efficiently.

Roam with us!

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