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At Roaming Networks Group, our employees are valued for their uniqueness. Being an international company and employing people from many countries means having colleagues and teammates of different nationalities and cultures communicating and interacting, sharing experiences from various markets and corners of the globe.

Through an interview, we present to you our colleague, Cy Armstrong, Construction Manager in Roaming Networks Inc. Cy is from Mexico, and he lives and works in Dallas, USA.

How would you, briefly, present your current job?

My day starts by checking emails for updates and making the plan for that day, following up with a conference call with the managers. In the middle of this, I am texting the crew to see how they are doing and if they are ready to reach the sky. We are tower climbers and we love to see from above the tower how the city down there loves us for making sure their love calls and text messages are reaching their destination.

What do you like the most regarding your job, and what are your challenges?

I like the feeling while I’m up, reaching the sky. That’s the sense of freedom. Also, the funny thing is when my friends send me a message while I’m at the tower and ask me to turn up the power on the antennas. I love how they’re joking.

The challenge is always to stay safe at the tower. Climbing the tower is not a problem. Staying all day up on top is stressful for your brain. We push our brains to the limits. Clinging on a metal pipe with our toes is hard.

How would you advise someone who’s interested in a tower climbing job?

Tower climbing is a great job for brave and highly skilled people. Towers are responsible for much of the technology and communication in our daily lives, and tower climbers are essential to their successful operation. I’ll suggest everyone who enjoys adrenalin and a sense of freedom to try. It’s breathtaking.

How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

I love chasing Henry, my dog around my RV in state parks.

Also, I love drinking coffee with my friends while sharing our daily lives.

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